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Rogers Promotions is a full-service, fully-integrated, internal broadcast-communications creative agency pay day loans san antonio and production group. Whew.

In other words, we’re a one-stop option set up to take care of any and all video production and post-production needs for any and all departments within the entirety of Rogers. And that’s not 100 guaranteed bad credit personal loans all.

As well as operating and maintaining the various cable barker channels, our department also produces the hugely successful weekly entertainment/sports/cable-marketing program Your World This Week.

Whether we’re creating commercials or corporate videos, promos or personal loans same day television content; we like to think of ourselves as problem solvers. And we pride ourselves on an ability to work creatively to meet the unique video needs for one of North America’s largest communications companies, and its partners.

Your World This Week

Barker Channel Operations

Rogers Promotions Group manages the day to day operations and 1 hr payday loan creative direction of 7 HD and SD Barker Channels.

As a vital means to communicate with our cable customer base, these channels includes “Your World This Week”, Multicultural, 3D, Sunset Channel, Aquarium Channel, Fireplace Channel and Sportsnews. Barker Channel 1 (SD & HD)  reaches 72% of the 1.8m digital customers who stay 1000 dollar personal loan on the channel for an average of 15 minutes each day.

As well, Rogers Promotions Group manages the weekly delivery of the U.S. Avails commercial spots, VOD Dynamic Ad Insertion and the Interactive Features that appear on the cable platform.